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Following a long term R&D and feasibility Works,Bonfix hygienic products a union of “Aprichem Group” get started his life in baby diapers products field in Istanbul Turkey..By combining its experience and the latest technology for healty babies , Bonfix baby diapers gathered all the features one would expect from a diaper in Bonfix Baby diapers. As a result of continued Research & Development, Bonfix Baby products are now distinguished by their packages and offer unique features that totally meets the babies' needs and keep up with the market dynamics…According to a global observation of diapers, reliability is the most important factor when mothers are choosing baby diapers products and brands for their babies so we are always taking our steps in light of this fact for now and future.Along with the baby diapers products,we are expanding our product rage with other baby care products like wet wipe,baby lotion,baby shampoo and baby oil very soon.Aprichem Gida keeps the pulse of the global markets, determines the needs, has adopted the sustainable projects and corporate management understanding as principle, and currently exports its products to 45 countries worldwide. Included in the white list as the reliable customer within the portfolio of giant suppliers operating in the global scale, Bonfix will keep on growing, providing employment and adding value to the national economy,

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Africa, Asia, America, Middle East

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Established Date: 2000  Tax Office: Kocasinan  Tax Number: 0710419784  Staff Count: 51-100  Export Specialist: Abdullah KAR